Today, I’m a guest speaker in a reading methodology course, where I’ll be discussing digital/new media literacies with preservice teachers.  In place of a traditional lecture, throughout the lesson we will watch and analyze three separate video clips, discussing the themes we observe.  Each clip is short, and is pertinent to the activity or discussion directly following it.

First, because the undergrad teachers will be using a classroom set of iPads during class, we will start with iPads and literacy via “Baby Works iPad Perfectly“.

Next, the class will examine and discuss the clip “Above and Beyond” as they prepare to complete their online reading and collaborative knowledge building for the day (the topic is ’21st century skills’).

Third, we will bring digital literacies to high school and higher ed as we examine “the Networked Student“.

Lastly, students will analyze how their own new media literacy practices and create a “Khan Academy” style video that analyzes some of the websites they visited during their reading activity.  They will upload their videos to the same account, and watch what each other have produced.Here is my example, as I quickly analyze Pritchard’s use of his iPad.

Overall, I hope this will quickly (in 80 min. or so): 1) expose these preservice teachers to a variety of factors related to new media literacies; 2) allow them to have meaningful discussions about the topic; and 3) provide them opportunities to demonstrate their understanding authentically.

This is my first time teaching undergrad preservice teachers, so fingers crossed that everything goes well!

*Here is a slightly more detailed lesson plan, if you’re interested: New Media Literacy – Lesson Plan