Photo of Greg in Peruprofessional

currently, I am:

  • sharing: my CV
  • studying: as a third-year PhD student of learning technologies at the University of Texas, taking Advanced Instructional Systems Design and Adventure Learning
  • designing and developing: Thriving in Our Digital World, a problem-based Computer Science course for Texas public high schools, through which students earn college credit; intended to attract ethnic minorities and women to the field
  • researching: the affect of ubiquitous iPads on teaching and learning, the use of geocaching & QR codes on museum grounds, the interactions between users and intelligent computer agents, and the integration of technology into middle schools
  • writing: the literature review for my dissertation, conference proposals, articles for publication, blog entries, and tweets
  • presenting: at AERA 2013
  • occupying: LinkedIn,

currently, I am:

  • on: Facebook
  • playing: beach volleyball, cycling, crossfitting, basketball and running
  • reading: A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin
  • watching: Netflix and Hulu plus

contact me by email – grussell at utexas dot edu